Friday, January 18, 2019

Final Project

Final Project

The travel project was very enjoyable for me. I really liked how the designed turned out. I think that the website is organized, informational, and colorful. The background I chose was abstract which I like, and I think the light blue looked good with it, along with the black text. I like how the headers for each sections were in a different font and each page had multiple pictures and text. I think that the three pages;"About Us", "Water Bottles", and "Coolers" were well thought out as they had charts, videos, location of the store, and facts on the footer of each page.One difficulty I came across was getting all of the pictures the same size without making them blurry. Also, when I made my logo it took me a while to think of the design and colors I wanted to use. I am happy about how the website came out and I enjoy being creative while making these websites. 

Final Project

Friday, November 30, 2018

Travel Project

The travel Project was very enjoyable for me. I believe that it turned out very well and the set up of the page is organized. I am happy with the color theme and how each picture has a border around it. I like how I included informational facts, places to visit, and interesting facts which took me some time gather. I had a more difficult time making the table because I did not get to that lesson yet, but I wanted to include it so I read the lesson and added it into my page. In addition I had to get all of the pictures the same size in the table while including the borders. When I made my logo it took me a while to re-size the picture without making it blurry and putting the best title on it. Lastly getting different fonts was challenging and placing the picture in the center.

Travel project

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Wednesday, September 12, 2018